Monday, September 1, 2014

What is Emeals?

I have been grouponing always looking for a deal, when I found a deal for 1 month of emeals and thought: "OUU what's that?"
Basically you pick the size of family where you shop and the type of meals you make (they have all sorts from classic to Diabetic) for this month I choose Paleo because I have been working out and need a high protein diet,
Next thing I received via my email 7 recipes and the shopping list. the meals included side dishes and different types of cooking. (crock pot, grilling and stove top)

On Groupon the cost is 29.00 for 1 month. Normally it's 58.00 a month. For the next month the recipes I will be cooking for dinner will be from Emeals, I can't wait to post how each meal is turning out.

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